My journey to Little Village

I started Little Village during the COVID-19 lockdown.  It probably seems like a crazy idea to start a business during a pandemic, but like many of us, COVID created the time I needed to evaluate the future direction of my career as a naturopath and yoga teacher.

I wasn’t always a naturopath.  My first university degree was a Bachelor of Health Science, Rehabilitation Counselling and following my studies I worked in the corporate health sector for many years.  I then lived in London for 2 years where I worked as an Executive Assistant in the Recruitment sector.  When I returned home from London I decided to change careers and began studying Naturopathy (and I threw in some yoga teacher training for good measure). 

During my naturopathy studies I started student placement at a fabulous clinic in Melbourne CBD, LaVida Health, and then just never left……  I ended up practising as a clinical naturopath for 5 years with LaVida Health and then when they opened a yoga studio I taught there as well. 

During my time at LaVida Health I began focussing on fertility, preconception care and pregnancy.  I also had two babies of my own (not at the same time) and my own personal experience of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health (this journey is still ongoing) just cemented my passion for working within this area of health. 

What really stood out to me is the significant gap in postpartum health beyond the ‘6 week check up’.  It seemed like the goal was to have a baby and then when that was achieved our support networks faded away.  It is evident through meetings with mums groups, online forums and my clients, that so many new parents don’t have a ‘village’ to help raise their baby, or help raise them as new parents.  Grandparents are often still working, or live in another area, our friends aren’t going through the same phase as us and we’re often balancing work and parenting which leaves little time for social nourishment. 

There is a great need to ensure parents are receiving optimal nutrition, that they have the support they need to cope mentally and physically, and feel emotionally supported during their postpartum phase.  Postpartum depletion is very real and may not kick in for many months post birth, particularly if we are not providing nourishment physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I love being a Naturopath.  I like getting to know people, understanding their health issues, really listening to their story and then problem solving to come up with the best treatment plan for my client.  Working in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum is particularly rewarding.  When a client comes to see me for fertility issues and conception occurs I feel just as excited as they do (well almost).  Then the joy I feel in seeing my clients become wonderful parents is the icing on the cake!

And this is how Little Village was born.  I utilise my skills, knowledge and experience as a naturopath, yoga teacher and mother of two small boys to help you through fertility and preconception care, pregnancy and into your postpartum experience.

In good health,

Lee x

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